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Waived and Quantitative QC Solution Package- Electronic


Waived and Quantitative QC Solution Package- Electronic

Are you experiencing problems at the point of care? This package is your solution for waived and point-of-care testing. Topics covered in this package correspond to CLSI QSE Equipment and ISO 15189 sections 5.3 Laboratory equipment, reagents, and consumables and 5.6 Ensuring quality of examination results.

Documents in this package:

  • EP25 | Evaluation of Stability of In Vitro Medical Laboratory Test Reagents, 2nd Edition
  • EP12 | User Protocol for Evaluation of Qualitative Test Performance, 2nd Edition
  • POCT08 Quick Guide | Quality Control Log Sheet Quick Guide
  • EP10 | Preliminary Evaluation of Quantitative Clinical Laboratory Measurement Procedures, 3rd Edition
  • EP18 | Risk Management Techniques to Identify and Control Laboratory Error Sources, 2nd Edition
  • POCT08 Flow Chart | Quality Control Troubleshooting Flow Chart
  • POCT08 | Quality Practices in Noninstrumented Point-of-Care Testing: An Instructional Manual and Resources for Health Care Workers, 1st
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