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Expanding CLSI Involvement at Your Organization Webinar

CLSI On Demand: MEM215WR

Expanding CLSI Involvement at Your Organization Webinar

Recorded On: Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Learn how to expand CLSI volunteer involvement at your organization with this free delegate member webinar. Victoria Petrides, MS joined us to discuss how her organization created a "CLSI Intelligence Team" to expand involvement. Topics covered include:

  • Current open calls for volunteers.
  • Our new Delegate Commenting feature.
  • How to see who from your organization has applied to a volunteer position.
  • The benefits to your colleagues of becoming a CLSI volunteer. 
  • An overview of our volunteers. 

Victoria Petrides, MS, Program Manager, Technical Design Quality, Abbott
Katie Barnett, Director, Membership and User Experience, CLSI
Jessica (Chumaceiro) Tredway, Customer Relationship Manager, CLSI

This webinar is for all active CLSI Delegates and Alternate Delegates.

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Date of Webinar: February 15, 2023