Join us in celebrating our 50th Anniversary!
Join us in celebrating our 50th Anniversary!

Volunteering with CLSI

Volunteer to help shape the laboratory standards that impact your day-to-day work.

Don’t just follow the gold standard. Set it. The CLSI volunteer program offers unmatched opportunity to maximize your voice in the global laboratory and health care community. Work alongside colleagues and experts from diverse sectors to improve patient care worldwide.

By volunteering with CLSI, you’ll have a seat at the table with many influential members of the health care community and a chance to contribute your own expertise to the development of world-respected medical laboratory testing standards.

Current Volunteers:

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Why Volunteer?

  • Play an active role in improving public health across the globe.
  • Take part in developing the best practice standards that affect the work you do each day.
  • Directly impact and improve quality in laboratory medicine by sharing your expertise.
  • Enrich your career and résumé through your contributions.
  • Gain recognition from CLSI, your organization, your colleagues, and your community.
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Consensus-Based Standards Development

CLSI’s collaborative approach ensures balanced representation from the global laboratory community. This approach produces unbiased consensus standards that can be confidently adopted by laboratories, clinicians, regulatory agencies, and industry throughout the world.

Unique Volunteering Experience

The strength of CLSI’s consensus process begins with our volunteers, who bring a diversity of skill sets, depth of expertise, and vast knowledge of regulatory requirements to lead the development of globally applicable medical laboratory standards. Consider sharing your unique talents and experience to advance the quality of medical laboratory testing and improve patient health care outcomes worldwide.