Join us in celebrating our 50th Anniversary!
Join us in celebrating our 50th Anniversary!

Laboratory Standards Education

By developing useful educational resources, CLSI continually improves the delivery and implementation of our laboratory testing standards and guidelines.

Although your real-world processes may be complex, we strive to make applying our laboratory standards to daily lab practices simple. From self-paced training programs to helpful bench aids, our practical resources are built with easy laboratory standards adoption and streamlined training in mind.

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Search our standards and products by specialty area to find educational products related to your area of focus.

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CLSI offers high-quality eLearning programs that provide access to the best training available. Our online, self-paced learning format—guided by experts that created the standards—gives you everything you need to quickly and easily implement best practices in your lab.


CLSI uses webinars as a convenient forum to discuss and demonstrate how our recently published standards can be applied in real-life scenarios. You’ll also find timely talks that address important industry topics and critical standards-related government mandates.

  • Susceptibility Testing for Yeast and Filamentous Fungi
  • Susceptibility Testing for Slowly- and Rapidly-Growing Nontuberculous Mycobacteria

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Companion Products

CLSI offers a variety of bench aids that supplement and simplify standards for easy implementation and practical use.

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In-Person Training

Through our grant-funded Partnerships program, we provide hands-on training to laboratories in resource-constrained countries, helping them implement our standards for rapid quality improvement.

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Partnership educational services include:

  • On-site assessments
  • Training workshops
  • In-laboratory mentorships
  • In-country building (training local mentors and assessors)