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Get Involved: CLSI Board of Directors

What is the Board of Directors?

Comprised of a balanced representation from government, industry, and the health care professions, the CLSI Board of Directors fulfills CLSI's mission by supervising, controlling, and directing CLSI's affairs; assuring the integrity of the voluntary consensus process.

What positions are available?

How does CLSI maintain its neutrality?

The CLSI Board of Directors is made up of balanced representation from our three constituencies—government, industry, and the health care professions. This balance helps to ensure impartiality in decision making at the organization's highest level.

What committees does the Board of Directors oversee?

  • Consensus Council
    The Consensus Council maintains authority over CLSI standards development activities, including project approval, prioritization, status assessment, and consensus approval for document publication.
  • Executive Committee
    The Executive Committee coordinates CLSI’s governance and policy-making activities and oversees and evaluates implementation and management of CLSI programs.
  • Finance Committee
    The Finance Committee provides oversight of CLSI's financial resources by reporting accurate and reliable information to the Board of Directors and protecting the assets of the organization from fraud, mismanagement, or negligence by providing an adequate system of financial controls.
  • Nominating Committee
    The Nominating Committee identifies and recommends candidates for open CLSI Board officer and director positions with the specific constituency and skills mix essential for the Board’s optimal governance of CLSI.

What are the duties of a Board Member?

Our Board of Directors fulfills CLSI’s mission by:

How often does the Board of Directors meet?

The Board of Directors and the committees it oversees meet as needed via conference call. The Board of Directors typically meets in person biannually, during the March and September Committees Weeks. Board meeting dates are typically scheduled up to two years in advance and can be found at clsi.org/meetings.

I’m interested! What are my next steps?

CLSI is seeking candidates for the 2023 Board of Directors and Officers election. The election will be held on or about October 5 - November 15, 2023. Find all information here.