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Celebrate World Standards Day With CLSI


Standards make the world a safer place. They touch almost every part of our daily lives by ensuring that products and services work the way that we expect them to, making life safer and more enjoyable. Standards are essential to creating a fairer, more sustainable world and achieving the United Nation’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Achieving this Agenda will require close cooperation among governments, businesses, civil society, and individuals around the world. Standards will play a vital role in this effort by providing a common language and framework for action.

World Standards Day is celebrated annually on October 14th. On World Standards Day, the world's leading developers of international standards: the IECISO, and the ITU, under the banner of the World Standards Cooperation, collaborate on a number of initiatives. Together with their members, the World Standards Cooperation celebrates standards as a global community. Resources, including a campaign toolkit, are available here.

CLSI standards are recognized by laboratories, accreditors, and government agencies as the best way to improve medical laboratory testing. CLSI’s unique consensus process brings together expert volunteers from industry, government, and the health care professions. Our volunteers bring a diversity of skill sets, depth of expertise, and vast knowledge of regulatory requirements to develop timely standards recognized as the best way to improve testing. CLSI’s collaborative approach ensures balanced representation from the global laboratory community to yield unbiased consensus standards that can be confidently implemented throughout the world. Using CLSI standards ensures that patients receive the most accurate test results possible, leading to better outcomes.


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