As part of a global strategy to increase access to our documents and training, CLSI is piloting a new program offering discounted pricing in India.

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NEW Country-Based Pricing

As part of our mission to promote the use of safe and effective laboratory practices around the world, CLSI is committed to making our standards, guidelines, and tools accessible to all users. 

The Country-Based Pricing model, to be implemented effective 04 January 2024, offers discounted pricing to more than 136 lower- and middle- income countries. 


Country-based pricing is based on the World Bank Income Groups, determined by each country’s gross national income, and updated annually in August. Under this model, low- and lower middle income countries receive a 90% price discount. Upper middle income countries receive a 50% discount. 

To receive the discounted prices, you must be logged in and have a registered address in one of the identified countries.

CLSI's global consensus-based standards provide guidance for meeting accreditation and regulatory requirements. Learn how these standards can help you clear regulatory hurdles set forth by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), College of American Pathologists (CAP), US Food & Drug Administration (FDA), and The Joint Commission.

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1. Who is eligible for the reduced pricing?

2. Why is this discount being offered?



3. What if my country is not listed in the World Bank Low or Middle Income Tiers? Can I still get a discount?

4. How do I get the discount?



5. I just purchased a document/membership last month. Will I benefit from this new pricing?

6. Does the new pricing apply to all products?



7. I believe I should have received a discount. How can I contact customer support?

8. I would like to learn more about CLSI products and resources. Who can I contact?



9. Do we need to be a member of CLSI to be eligible for the discount?

10. I just made a purchase before the new pricing went into effect. Can I get a refund?



11. Where can I find information about CLSI products?

12. What forms of payment are accepted?



13. How often are tiers updated?