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Before submitting your purchase order request to customerservice@clsi.org, be sure to review all the information in the Purchase Order Request Guide below. This guide will ensure your purchase order references the correct and necessary information to expedite the processing of your order.

  • Name of Requester: Purchase orders should reference the first and last name of the requester (person requesting to receive the order/end user).
  • Customer ID Number of Requester: Include the account number of the requester. You will need to use your organization’s ID Number to submit a purchase order if the requester is the Delegate on the organization’s account. You may also use your organization’s ID Number to submit a purchase order if the purchase order is for that organization’s membership. Orders requested by non-delegates of the organization must have their own account and provide that account’s Customer ID Number with their request. If you do not have a CLSI account, you can request the Delegate of your organization to create one for you. You may also create one for free by visiting clsi.org/login. If you already have an account but do not know your Customer ID Number, please provide the e-mail address used to create your CLSI account instead of your Customer ID Number.
  • Billing/Shipping Address: Please include your full billing and shipping address. Be sure to include any attention line, suite number, etc., if applicable.
  • Print or Electronic (PDF): Please be sure to specify whether you would like electronic (PDF) or a print (mailed/hardcopy) versions in your request. If you choose to place an electronic (PDF) order, please be advised that the purchases will be available to view on the requester’s account. We do not e-mail electronic purchases. The requester will have to log in to their CLSI account to download their purchase.
  • Pricing Information/Invoice Request: If you do not know the cost of the items you are requesting, or if you need an invoice or quote, e-mail us at customerservice@clsi.org or call us directly at +1-610-688-0100.
  • Please note: We only accept purchase orders from the US and Canada for documents and webinars.