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eCLIPSE Ultimate Access

Included in the following membership types:

  • Level I Industry (Unlimited users)
  • Level II Industry (Two concurrent users)
  • Health Systems (Unlimited users)
  • Level I Health Care Professions (Two concurrent users)
  • Level I Government (Two concurrent users)

For a subscription, eCLIPSE is $10,500.00/annually.

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Questions? Contact Jessica Chumaceiro at jchumaceiro@clsi.org.

Features Include

Document Number Search: Search for partial or full CLSI document numbers.
Keyword Search: Search words or phrases within the titles or abstracts of documents.
Full-Text Search: Search for a keyword or phrase within the full text of documents.
Filters: Filter the list of results by document category or keywords.

Link Peek
This unique feature displays a sample of a referenced document, an individual page, or another section without leaving the current view. The window is displayed alongside the current view for easy access to referenced content.

Page-by-Page Online PDF View
Documents are displayed in an interactive page-by-page view rather than as a continuous stream of pages. This feature is available without downloading the PDF, and no viewer plugin is required.

Table of Contents
The table of contents is displayed alongside the document for easy access. It contains page numbers, top-level sections, and a list of tables and figures that users can access directly by clicking on the linked item.

This feature automatically converts CLSI document references within a document into hyperlinks. The linking feature allows users to easily access related CLSI documents. 

Related Documents
This feature provides both the list of documents that are referenced in the current document and the list of documents that refer to the current document. The list is displayed alongside the document for easy access.


Users can add comments, importance markers, tags, and bookmarks at the:
     -Document level
     -Page level
     -Section level
     -Paragraph level

Custom tags help categorize the documents at various granularity levels. Tags can also be used to link various sections of the document together for a customized view.

Custom Collections
This unique feature allows users to select and group together document content at various levels to create a new, custom document. Custom Collections can be used to create a custom view of important portions of a single document or to group together parts of various documents.

Advanced Print Options
This feature allows users to customize printing options for selected pages, sections, or paragraphs, which includes the ability to print associated annotations.

Users can share comments, importance markers, tags, and messages with other users within their organization, allowing for personalization and collaboration.

Bulletin Board
The Bulletin Board, located on the dashboard, provides access to messages from CLSI and account administrators, all in one place. Messages from CLSI include announcements of new or revised documents, posted immediately upon publication. 

Users can send e-mail messages to other users, account administrators, and CLSI.

Account administrators of a multi-user subscription can add and update users and user information, generate usage reports, and send messages to selected users. The message can be e-mailed or posted to the Bulletin Board.