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Critical Standards Added to CLSI’s Micro Free


The Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) is now including new standards in its renamed read-only portal, "Micro Free" (formerly called “M100 Free”). These standards—M100, M23, M23 Supplements, M27M44S, and M45—serve as guides for susceptibility testing. Health care providers, device manufacturers, and researchers need the essential information provided in these standards to make informed decisions about antimicrobial therapy, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes.

In addition to the read-only versions offered in Micro Free, CLSI will continue to offer these standards for purchase in print and PDF forms, as well as in eCLIPSE Ultimate Access, our full-feature online library. eCLIPSE access allows bookmarking, highlighting, annotating, and more ways to share important information across your organization. Micro Free features read-only access and is intended as a companion or quick reference to the full products.

CLSI is uniquely qualified to serve as the go-to source for AST methods and interpretive criteria. With its well-defined, robust consensus-based global standards development program and participation of world-renowned clinical and laboratory experts, CLSI provides world-class guidance in antimicrobial susceptibility testing that can be used with confidence to identify and update susceptibility test criteria.

CLSI believes providing these standards for free helps promote more equitable access to this critical information. Over 11,000 individuals have access to the full-feature versions through CLSI membership. The free portal will provide access to an additional 8,000 individuals per month from over 60 countries around the world. This equitable access can have a significant impact on improving the management of infectious diseases, reducing the emergence of antimicrobial resistance, and ultimately saving lives throughout the world.

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