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Blood Gas and pH Analysis and Related Measurements, 2nd Edition

This document provides clear definitions of the quantities in current use, and provides a single source of information on appropriate specimen collection, preanalytical variables, calibration, and quality control for blood pH and gas analysis and related measurements. 

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Chairholder: Paul D'Orazio, PhD

Date of Publication: February 24, 2009

Order Code PDF: CLSI C46A2E
ISBN Number: 1-56238-694-8

Order Code Print: print not available

Edition: Second

Pages: 64

CLSI C46 Additional Details

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This archived document is no longer being reviewed through the CLSI Consensus Document Development Process. However, this document is technically valid as of June 2019. Because of its value to the laboratory community, it is being retained in CLSI’s library.

CLSI C46 Abstract

This guideline is a consolidation of six CLSI documents and projects. The Area Committee on Clinical Chemistry and Toxicology concluded that CLSI’s constituencies (professions, government, and industry) would be better served with the production of a single document that retains the essential information from the six original documents, while making it even more relevant and useful. It addresses blood gas, pH, and related measurements (eg, hemoglobin and hemoglobin fractions, oxygen content, hemoglobin-oxygen saturation, electrolytes, and selected metabolites) as measured in blood. It defines terminology and discusses performance characteristics as well as preanalytical variables and analytical considerations. It also addresses quality control issues.