Quality Practices in Noninstrumented Point-of-Care Testing: An Instructional Manual and Resources for Health Care Workers, 1st Edition

This instructional guideline delivers laboratory science concepts and activities with the goal of increasing knowledge and quality of laboratory testing for testing personnel with no laboratory background. 

This reaffirmed document has been reviewed and confirmed as suitable to remain published without revision to content, as of January 2017. The document’s next scheduled review is generally five years after the reaffirmation date.

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Chairholder: Sheldon M. Campbell, MD, PhD, FCAP

Date of Publication: December 3, 2010

Order Code PDF: POCT08AE
ISBN Number: 1-56238-737-5

Order Code Print: POCT08A
ISBN Number: 1-56238-737-5

Edition: First

Pages: 124